Getting you in front of the right audience!

I specialize in writing content to attract new customers. I produce long and short-tail product descriptions for websites, blogs and social media channels. I’ve worked with boutique software companies, ecommerce businesses, retailers and agencies.

As a Copywriter my job is to lure customers to your site!

For ecommerce (retail), I write:

  • Website Copy - Unique product descriptions that highlights all the benefits
  • Buyers guides that align to current promotions
  • Do-It-Yourself Projects
  • SEO Content - Blogging

For technology companies, I blog about the problems your software is able to fix and build on your subject matter authority.

The goal is to improve your search ranking and engage your prospects.

I build timely and relevant content, to help increase your engagement levels, gain new followers, so you'll be able to maximize your return on your marketing investment.

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