Marketing and Communications Manager

Fieldpoint Service Applications

In the Winter/Spring of 2013, Fieldpoint was looking for assistance to launch their new website and their new CRM software platform.

As a Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) partner, Fieldpoint built modules for their platform. It targeted mid-size companies who needed to automate their field service operations.


They had three websites one for their Alert Software, another for their CRM software product and a corporate website.


I consolidated their website and built content for their two software offerings. The main objective was to get them "found" on the search engines.

At best they were floating around the 10th page of Google. To correct that, I built up their content library to demonstrate their subject matter authority. This included product pages, industry pages, customer case studies, Prezis and blog articles.

Within a year, Fieldpoint increased their page rank from the 10th page of Google to the bottom of page 1!

Fieldpoint continues to grow their business through the Microsoft partnership program. Now when partners bring prospects to the table, Fieldpoint is an industry contender as an expert in their space.

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