In January 2017, Vitarock was looking to beef up their blog articles. They were in the process of relaunching their ecommerce site specializing in health food and wellness products. Their goal was to increase their search ranking, acquire new customers and increase conversions.

Get the Lowest Hanging Fruit Working - Blog Articles

One of their biggest challenges was with their SEO. Even though they had experts writing for them for four years, many basics were missed in the posts, such as meta descriptions, titles and alt tags. The main things that Google looks at outside of the copy.

Solution: Long Tail Blogs with Proper Tags

The main criteria was to be different from their competitors in the health food industry. They did not want fluffy content like "The 5 Things You Should Eat to Loose Weight". They wanted research based articles that would inform consumers about a specific health issue and the options they had to solve it with natural foods.

  1. Audit Previous Articles - Write new blogs that didn't compete with existing articles on their site to minimize duplication.
  2. Long tail articles that would cover both broad big picture ideas and very specific granular solutions. Increasing the chances of being found.
  3. Social Media - post on Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Facebook & Instagram