All About Workers Compensation Injuries

According to both Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act and California workers' compensation laws, there are two kinds of injuries that a worker could suffer on their work and file claims for worker' compensation advantages. First is the so-called "specific injuries". This is what a lot of people would think of a work related injury. If an injury resulted from a certain single incident, then it is referred to as a specific injury. For instance, if you lift a heavy thing and broke your back, if you are beaten during work, or you are part of a car accident during work related deliveries; these are all considered under specific injuries that resulted from a certain incident.

Then there is another one that is called "repetitive injuries". These are types of injuries that usually occur gradually during work through time or during a period of repetitive actions. For instance, if you utilize your hands repeatedly and you were able to develop carpal tunnel syndrome or if you are exposed to very loud constant noise and damaged your hearing or if you consistently lift heavy materials and develop back aches, or if you do lots of climbing and walking at work and you were able to get knee pain, these are all considered as repetitive injuries. Even though you could not point a single accident as the main reason of your injury, repetitive injuries are still legitimate for claiming workers' compensation. Find the best Salt Lake City workers compensation attorney here.

Since repetitive injuries develop through time, there might be several contributions to these types of injuries by non-work related activities. For instance, repetitive utilization of your hands at your house may contribute to a repetitive injury which is related to carpal tunnel syndrome. Constant exposure to very loud noise outside to your job could contribute repetitive injury related to hearing damages. Take note that as long some parts of the repetitive injury were caused by the activities in work, you could still have a legitimate West Jordan workers compensation attorney claim.

Psychological injuries could also occur as specific injury or repetitive injury and it is a legitimate basis for claiming workers' compensation. For instance, if you happen to be present in a shocking event during work, if you are consistently exposed to various stresses during work that leads you to depression, loss of sleep, sadness, sexual dysfunction and loss of appetite, among other related symptoms, you could have legitimate workers' compensation claim because of psychological injury. Moreover, bear in mind that psychological injuries too could result from physical injuries. For instance, if you are suffering from physical injuries during a violent incident that led you to have nightmares, or if you suffer consistent amount of pain due to physical injury that causes loss of sleep or depression. Remember that these reasons are basis for getting compensation claim due to psychological injury as a consequence of physical injury. Make sure to check out this website at and learn more about lawyers.