How To Get A Workers Compensation On Work Related Injuries

Accidents are very common most especially in the work place. Fortunately, in most employment contracts, work related injuries are often covered by your company's insurance company. However, you cannot directly report and injury to the insurance company and claim your workers compensation because there are certain steps that you need to follow in doing so. In this article, we will provide you with a guide in getting your workers compensation.

1. Report your injury immediately

The most common mistake the workers do is not reporting their injuries immediately most especially if they are appear to be less serious at first. However, to prevent further issues when it has become worse, report it right away to your supervisor and as much as possible, do it in writing. This is very important because if you only report after 30 days have passed, you may not be able to get the benefits due to you, click here for more facts!

Once you've reported your injury to your employer, they must forward it within five days to their insurance company and the insurance company will in turn report it to the Division of Workers' Compensation. To know more about lawyers, visit this website at

2. Get appropriate medical assistance

Most employers have an authorized health care provider for their employees and it is important for you to be familiar with your company's health care provider so you will know where to get medical assistance in case of emergency. They usually fix the schedule for you but if you are unable to report on the fixed time, it is best to immediately inform them. Never refuse to go to your company's authorized health care provider because that could also estop you from claiming your benefits.

It is also important that you inform your medical personnel about the nature of your incident and how it actually happened because they usually do a medical report on it. Never act as if your injury is not a big deal just to appear brave because by doing so, you are most likely to get the wrong treatment for your injury. If the injury you claim is less than what it really is, this may also affect your benefits.

It is also important to get a copy of the medical records from your treatment because you will be needing them when claiming your benefits. Employers usually shoulder additional expenses such as the cost of the medical records copy because they are required by the law to do so.

3. Get yourself Ogden workers compensation attorney

Most Workers' Compensation claims need legal assistance most especially if your employer does not support your claims. If your employer is denying that your injury is work related and have not reported it to their insurance company, you might as well reach out to the State Dispute Management Unit. You can call usually call them toll free. You might also want to contact the claims adjuster from your employer's insurance company to have your problems resolved right away.

If all else fail, get yourself a workers' compensation lawyer to give you the appropriate legal advice and have you guided of the entire process. For more information about this service, click here to get the best legal assistance for work injury and get oriented with the workers compensation in Ogden, West Jordan and Salt Lake City.