Top Tips to Choosing the Best Recording Microphone for Vocals

Finding the best recording microphone for vocals should not be all too difficult on your part as long as you know what purpose you have for using one and what the different microphones being sold in the current market are. Typically, the recording microphones used for vocals are not the same as those used to record instruments. You have to determine what purpose you have for one, and then begin your search in looking for one.

There are specific characteristics that the best recording microphones have that set them apart from the other ones. One of the most popular microphones to ever come to the market that can give you exceptional recording results are the CAD U37 USB studio condenser recording microphones. They are best used in tandem with instruments. However, they are more often used for soft or vocal recordings. On the other hand, you have the dynamic microphones out there that can serve more complex objectives like the ones you use for live performances along with the instruments that you have. Deciding which recording microphone that you should be going for all depends on what your current budget is. Learn the most important lesson about best recording microphone website.

Condenser microphones such as the CAD U37 USB studio condenser recording microphone, has a flattery frequency to it that makes it the best microphone to use for recording vocals. Using this particular instrument enables your recording to be more accurate as well as be clearer. In comparison, the dynamic microphones will be tuning out certain details since their main purpose is for live performances and recording of instruments.

When you get a CAD U37, you will be needing a mixer or a preamp. This will require having a phantom power of around 48 volts. The preamp will act as the booster of the condenser since it can only work properly when it runs on electricity. Now. with dynamic microphones, these are not needed since it is a microphone that is less sensitive. All of your question about best recording microphone will be answered when you check it out!

Lastly, make sure to not forget choosing the best recording microphones based on their pick-up patterns. Generally, there are three types of pick-up patterns. You have the omnidirectional, bidirectional, and unidirectional microphones. Seek more info about microphone at

The omnidirectional type picks up sounds evenly. Your home recording studio must be free from your dogs barking, your own TV, and even car sounds outside since they can pick these sounds up. The bidirectional on the other hand, only picks sounds from the front and the back directions. They are often used in radio interviews while people share one microphone. And finally, the unidirectional type, are best used for home recording studios. They only pick sounds in one direction enabling you to better isolate the sounds and not record other sounds in the background.