A Guide to Vatican Tours

If you are planning to visit Rome, you probably have thought of touring the grandiose Vatican city. Here, you can see the world's renowned artwork, museums, palaces, as well as tranquil gardens that popes use for private mediation.

The only challenge might be the long lines of tourists who in the ancient Medieval and Renaissance walls. Behind the walls are Vatican Museums, Gardens, Saint Peter's Basilica, and the Sistine Chapel

To tour the place, you can shop tickets online. Another option is paying a private tour once there, with this; you will get a VIP entrance to the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Chapel. On top of enjoying a private trip without other tourists, you can receive tickets to attend the Papal Audience. This is held every Wednesday morning by His Holiness in Saint Peter's Square.

If you have a reservation, you will be in a position to attend the Papal Audience as well as a private tour of the Vatican city later on without all that crowd. Your private guide will give you an in-depth tour of the museums in the Vatican where you will browse through all the museum's sections and learn the history of Vatican as you learn some more secrets. Watch this video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uY0Ab5HlZ0 and know more about traveling.

A Personal tour guide will help you envelop yourself in the world of culture and history. The guide will make your vacation come alive via the knowledge of the wonders that are held in this world. In case you wish to learn about a particular sculpture, fountain or painting more, the guide will give you all the answers.

The Sistine Chapel is a marvelous site, and its sight will be embedded in your mind and heart forever. You will see different stories from the Holy Bible. This is painted on panels along the walls by famous artists like Michelangelo. The ceiling depicts stories from Genesis to the last Judgement. All this can be seen in the altar wall.

Just like any other rome food tours, you need to plan accordingly when visiting this place. Making reservations for the day, you will be in the Vatican is essential. With the competing accommodation restaurants, read customer reviews online, and choose the best. The private guide you choose also needs to be researched on appropriately. Knowledge of the place and experience is required from the guide. With a competent guide and well-planned reservations, your visit to the Vatican will stick to your memory forever.