sawai koto berlin unicef workshop and concert 2018

‘Save a Childhood for the Children’ this is the slogan of unicef working group in Berlin. To help them achieve this goal, this year we, Sawai Koto Berlin has decided to do a fund raising charity concert for unicef on 18th March.

Our charity concert is a tradition of the Sawai Koto Berlin since 2015. This event is decided for people especially families, who are interested to Japanese culture to enjoy learning something at the workshops, enjoy food and drinks and then enjoy a great concert by our members and invited guest.

This time we have about 50 guests, many young family with Children. They have learned about Children’s right and the situation of Children in for example Yemen, and many have donated generously.

The koto workshop allows everyone to touch the koto and learn the basics for about 10 minutes, and the dance workshop require everyone to learn the movement of traditional Kyoto dance with a dancing fan. Everyone seemed to be enjoying ‘working’ hard in a workshop.

The program of the concert is especially varied this time.

The most amazing piece was the premier of Shamisen and Koto playing Tori no Youni composed by Tadao Sawai. The Tsugaru Shamisen player Martina Kopp is very good at understanding the piece and has given a melodic solo in the middle part, as well as a powerful and stunning ending together with the koto.

Gaby Bultmann, department leader of world music, played the very zen Jogen no Kyoku with recorder together with Koto by Makiko Goto, and the cold moonlight coming from the melody has captured all hearts of our audience.

Berlin branch leader Lin has played bass koto improvisation and with her teacher she played the Hyakkafu, a contemporary piece describing flowers in four seasons.

A special exotic version of Gion Kouta, with middle-east percussion, Kyoto dance, singing and koto has created a visual and acoustic feast for the audience.

Some audience from the past events told us, that our program and organization is improving every year!

International Volunteer Monica and Paolo also enjoyed the event and are very glad that we have motivated the audience to donate a total amount of 382,70 Euro for those children in urgent need.

Time: 18th March
Place: Leo-Kestenberg Musikschule, Haus am Kleistpark (1 OG), U7 Kleistpark

17:00 - 17: 45 Koto Workshop in the Concert Hall
17:45 - 18:30 Japanese Dance Workshop in Room 101
18:30 - 20:00 Concert of Japanese Music and Dance in the Concert Hall

Basskoto Improvisation
Tsuchi Ningyo (Japanese Clay Doll) für Koto mit Tanz
Traditionelle Auslese für Koto
Taka (Falken) für Kotos
Gion ko Uta für Koto mit Gesang, Tanz und Perkussion
Tori no Youni (Wie ein Vogel) für Koto und Shamisen


Hyakkafu (Noten der hunderten Blumen) für Koto und Basskoto
Jogen no Kyoku (Neumond) für Blockflöte und Koto
Okoto (die Koto) für Koto und Perkussion

Special guest:
Martina Kopp

Gaby Bultmann (Flute)
Chihoko Yanagi (Dance)
Steffi and Jonathan (Percussion)

Koto Master: Makiko Goto
Sawai Koto Berlin Ensemble members:
Organised by:
Leo-Kestenberg Musikschule
Sawai Koto Berlin