Spoiled Rotten

So let’s take a look back down our ancestors memory lane. Picture it, Sicily 1927...if you don’t get my golden girls reference, then we can never be friends. J/K...kind of. But seriously, picture your family were just freed from bondage. No longer will any of your family have to live in slavery. You witnessed a dramatic rescue. You saw the first born of the unbelievers perish, locusts arrive in droves and decimate everything, the Nile turn to blood, the pharaoh accept defeat then change his mind and come after you. You can feel you hear racing, the adrenaline pumping through your veins as you run for your live; knowing the pharaoh’s army is hot on your trail. You feel your heart drop to the pit of your stomach when the only way to escape is to cross the red sea, and you don’t know how to swim! And just when you think all hope is loss, you watch as the Lord gives Moses the ability to part the red sea and then close it up and swallow up pharaoh’s army whole! And what is on the side...freedom! Oh and it taste so sweet. Okay, now fast forward some years. Your 3 days journey to the promised land has now been extended. Why do you say? Because we are spoiled rotten, like to catch amnesia when it suits us, brats! In numbers 11:4-16, God blesses the Israelites with immensely. He firsts save them from slavery. Then while they are in the desert he supplies them with manna. Every. Single. Day. He gives simple instructions. Take what you need for you and your family, and don’t save any for the next day, and on the sixth day collect what you need for that day and the next because Sunday is a day of rest and there will not be any manna. So what do some of the Israelites do? Keep manna overnight only to find that it is molded the next morning, and then try and obtain manna on Sunday only to find that there isn’t any. And then they take the disrespectfulness (I know that isn’t a word but it fits) to another level when they start complaining about not having any meat and at least while they were slaves they received an abundant amount of meat. Now wayment...y’all rather be slaves again so you can have some meat!!!! And even still, God provides his bratty children with some Quail. But when does the complaining end! The israelites sound like some 5 yo right now. The truth of the matter is, this is us in 2018. 1,000’s of years in between their story and ours, but it seems like we all keep having to learn the same lesson. And what is that lesson? Don’t ever doubt God Be grateful for your blessings (God owes us nothing) Blessing can be snatched (not everyone made it to the land of milk and honey) God loves us so much, but he will not tolerate this spoiled rotten mentality. We have to check ourselves. What do you find yourself complaining about? We have to reverse our mentality. Start writing down your prayers, when they are answered check them off. Keep it handy, so that when you find yourself complaining go back to those prayers that God has answered. I think that will help each and everyone of us to keep things in perspective. Good Read: Enjoying where you are on the way to where you are going; Joyce Meyers