See you at the finish line


Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Hebrews 12:1

It is currently 4:44am in the morning and I almost definitely would prefer to be sleep, especially since I have to be up in an hour and 15 minutes to get ready for work. When I first woke up, I had this sudden urge to write. But being lazy, I laid here for a minute, realized I couldn’t go back to sleep, then checked my phone for a few minutes. I read a few articles and scrolled through instagram, all the while realizing that God wasn’t going to let this one go. I have to admit it, sometimes I intentionally ignore what God is saying to me, or say that I’ll type something in the morning and then forget. But this morning, God wasn’t having it. He needed me to get up and share this with you today.

So what does “see you at the finish line mean?” I wish I was that savvy and eloquent a writer to say that it has some metaphorical meaning…but it doesn’t. It literally is a “I’ll see you at the finish line.” God placed it on my heart this am when he realized my heart was troubled. I had some unexpected setbacks, disappointing realizations, and new and evolving relationships develop. And you don’t really know how things effect you until you are up at the crack of dawn writing because you can’t sleep. While I was laying here I heard Hebrews 12:1 so clearly in my head and I began to recite it. I am not one for memorizing scriptures, so I knew the Lord placed that scripture on my heart for a reason. He wanted me to remind me that regardless of the ups and downs, I am going to finish this race. I need to have not only confidence but faith the size of a mustard seed to know that everything is going to work out according to His will. And in the midst of all of this, I have to be brave enough to shed the things that are trying to keep me from running my best race. Whether it is relationships, situations, jobs, music, food, etc I need to let it go. Runners prepare for a race by eating healthy meals, training hard (and not only on the days that is sunny or they feel like it), and surrounding themself with people that will encourage them along the way.

The beauty of this race that we are running, is that we aren’t in competition with anyone, AND God has gone before us and paved the way. All we have to do is follow his lead, and know that the victory is in sight. Set your sights on the the upcoming win! So today, I’m choosing to shed the sin that is trying to trap me, surround myself with God-fearing individuals who will cheer me on from the sidelines, and set my sights on the victory. I’ll see you at the finish line.