So, here I go. Taking a shot at this thing called blogging. Now mind you, I have no idea or even the difference between blogging or vlogging. I know it is a simple google search, but I’m too lazy to even do that. Which brings me to another point (about myself) about why I have waited so long to start publicly journal-ing (that’s what I think of when I think about blogs). But back to my point I was trying to make, I have intermittent bouts of laziness, and a serious case of getting distracted easily (ohhh I could go for some cookies right now!). One minute I am full steam ahead, writing in my journal for days. Other times, I look in my journal and months have gone by since I last journaled. See, just plain lazy. But I do enjoy putting my thoughts to paper. And sometimes I even enjoy sharing it with other people. Sometimes is the key.

Today I decided that this would be the first day of me starting to BLOG. I’m home sick, with a beautiful, rambunctious, almost 2 year old running around, and for some reason I thought this was a good day to start. So as my baby girl proceeds to hang from my arm like a monkey while I am typing this, and I am breathing through my mouth because my nose is completely stopped up, I’m writing to you wonderful people out there.

Can’t tell you exactly what I am going to write about, how often I am going to write, or if anything I say will make sense to you. I just know that this feels right and I’m excited for you to join me.

Warm Regards From a Sick Momma,