In 2013 four stainless steel arcs - 3m long, with each arc supporting a crow, two bronze crows, and two cast glass crows were sited in Bicester. The brief was to create archways, placed in three alley sites around the town centre development, in the ancient market town of Bicester.

The alleys link the historic part - from Sheep Street to the new development in Pioneer Square. The commission was part of a section 106 planning requirement. The trail of six crows was completed next to the new library in 2016 by the bronze Bell Crow, and the Crow’s Nest sculpture. Earlier in 2014, the artists had conducted a slide talk and workshop to carve a crow themed, oak relief.

Philip Bews and Diane Gorvin collaborate in making public artworks. The artists undertook extensive research to make the work relevant to Bicester - view the Crow sculptures page to discover how each work links to the town.

Phil designed stainless steel arcs with attached crow sculptures which Diane modelled in direct plaster - for glass, and wax for bronze.

The artists liaised with Architects over siting and fixings. Glass crows were cast, and cold worked, by Jackson Fawkes Glass, the bronze crows cast, and stainless steel arcs were fabricated by Castle Fine Art Foundry, and the glass eggs were made by Sonja Klingler Glass.