5 Qualities to Look For in Your Personal Financial Advisor For Financial Planning

Nowadays, it is never easy to find a qualified professional who is really good at what they do. The same goes true for personal financial advisors. You can never know about their efficiency at work from their degrees, accreditations, and reviews. You can neither fully rely upon the judgments and referrals from friends and family members as their views are just their perspectives and it is not the reality. What is more dangerous is the graveness and complexity of the job of a financial advisor. Much depends upon their decisions in your life.

So, how would you know a great personal financial advisor? Trace out these qualities in them whenever you meet one!


Much of what financial advisors do, especially when it comes to investment forecast and planning come down to sheer guessing. Although they all have their own theories and philosophies behind it, they will seldom confess of their guesswork. So, here comes the greatest value of wisdom and humility. They should clearly tell you their basis behind their wise predictions and should expose their vulnerability to you beforehand. You can go here for more info.


When it comes to money nothing can beat an unfaltering attention to details. And this vigilance is one of the must needed quality for a financial advisor. This quality also ensures that your personal financial advisor will be attentive to you and your needs. Besides, a vigilant financial advisor will never leave your calls and emails unanswered.

Ability to Teach

Another great quality to look for in a personal financial advisor is their ability and willingness to teach. They should always be ready to impart their knowledge to you. Even after working five years with a financial advisor if you do not get the basics of his work then he probably is not the kind who enjoys enlightening folks along the way he goes. A great advisor should shed light on what he is doing and on the way, pass his knowledge to his clients so that they can understand what's going on to some extent.

Risk Management

A financial advisor must know that risk tolerance limit is not the same for all and work accordingly. Even if he has grown a considerable amount of risk tolerance he should not expect the same from you. So, he should take decisions for you based upon your risk tolerance limits. Hence, he should discuss every decision beforehand.

Reasonable Fees

Lastly, although not directly a characteristic qualification, reasonable fees is another important qualification for a personal financial advisor. It is not necessary that they have to be fee-only financial advisors. Be it fee-only or commission based; the rates should make sense to you. That's what matters when it comes to finances - making perfect sense out of things. Click here to see more.

Here you go! These are the five qualities that make up a great personal financial advisor. So, from now on whenever you are on the lookout for a financial advisor keep these in mind!

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