Ateliers’89/Academia di Bellas Artes presented the results of the month-long residency and a creative typography workshop course by Avantia Damberg. These were followed by an exhibition called “TRANKIL”, consisting of 4 residency works by Avantia Damberg and a series of works by five workshop participants.

Capital "A" font made with Wayaca tree leaves and seeds.
Avantia Damberg is a visual artist from Curaçao and a Dutch Rietveld Akademie graduate currently active with the Uniarte collective in Willemstad, Curaçao. During her residency at Ateliers’89 she furthered her current work with fonts, words, text, images and objects turned to ideas, concepts and messages, shown either in confined interior spaces or integrated in the natural environment. Avantia Damberg’s artwork reveals an original point of view as an artist and a fresh approach to art making. Her lecture presentation clearly showed the way she links, for example, modern, contemporary and often self-made fonts with ancient, early Christian texts and quotes from the Bible, creating a synergy between times and histories past and present, and between the personal, the local and the universal.