Advantages and Disadvantages of Tankless Water Heater

A tankless water heater is a home appliance that provides water heating solutions. The new tankless water heater has replaced the old tanks which store hot water. Tankless heaters heat water on a need basis. So, when you decide to get rid of the water tank in your basement and get a tankless water heater, what benefits will it add?

Rest assured that the best outdoor tankless hot water heater will last longer. The tank has several parts which can be replaced separately. You do not have to discard the whole tank when one component fails. What's more, the tank is cost efficient in terms of energy consumption. The heater will only consume energy when it's heating water for use at the time. With the traditional tanks, water sits at the tank, the moment the temperature of the water gets low, the heater heat the same water at the tank again. Heating water and re-heating, again and again, consume more and more energy. Tankless water heaters will, therefore, see your electricity bill come down.

Storage of water is no longer a problem with rheem rtex 13 tankless water heaters. No need to worry when you are the last to shower, and you find the water level at the storage tank is down. With tankless, you will only need energy and water supply to heat the water and have your bath or wash utensils.

Tankless water heater does not require storage space. This becomes efficient especially in urban places where houses are small in size. The traditional water tanks need an area where the container will be stored. The tankless heater can be raised up on the wall, with a minimal wire connection. This leaves enough space for other things on the ground.

There are notable disadvantages of the tankless water heater as well. One, the cost of installation is high as compared to the other tanks. When installing after a house has been entirely built, you will be required to incur costs of putting up new venting where the electrician will fix the heater. This will need new repainting of the walls after the work is done, thus more costs.

With tankless water heater, you will be required to have more than one heater in the house so s to serve several bathrooms, laundry area, kitchen, etc. The heaters often do not produce hot water at the same time and will mostly require one to be switched off for others to work. The pressure at your water line also affects the performance of the heaters, especially in areas where water pressure is low. Grab facts, go to