Concrete X-rays for Utility Location

To many people, X-rays refer to the use of radiation beams to see what is inside a human body. This angle is the most familiar to most people the world over. It is however good to note that the term can also be used to refer to a similar process but done in other industries. Case in point is application in construction. In this context, X-rays refer to the use of rays to establish anomalies in concrete slabs. Such rays used in concrete work are called concrete x-rays.

So, what are concrete X-rays? The term refers to the use of gamma rays on concrete surfaces to establish what is inside. This is done to identify any unwanted objects that are in the concrete slab. Objects being located includes post tension cables and rebar. They must be identified and removed since they cause lines of weakness.

You can group concrete X-rays among many things that are within industrial radiography. Before the discovery of concrete X-rays plumbers would have to manually dig in concrete to find any foreign unwanted materials. This method meant so much work needed to be done and redone in addition to the high costs involved. Concrete X-rays enables the same to be done without too much destruction. Concrete X-rays are best used on suspended slabs.

In recent times where many technological cables can pass in or near concrete walls, concrete X-rays are very important. Cables for telecommunication and electricity connectivity can be found inside or near concrete walls. Same as cable televisions and traffic lights cables. The location of such cables can be determined with easy by using Los Angeles concrete x-ray. The entire process is referred to as utility location.

In the United States utility location is done very often so as to ensure safety of electricity cables as well as other utilities. In Los Angeles for example utility location is done very often. The case is the same for concrete surfaces in Irvine, California. Utility location has been taken up by both government agencies and private companies in a bid to handle infrastructure efficiently and professionally.

Concrete X-ray technology works just like other concrete x-ray Irvine. It basically happens by a projection of the concrete on another surface. From the projection one can see any embedded objects within the concrete. The rays can penetrate hard surfaces of concrete but will be impeded by other objects inside hence making it possible to notice them. Two people are usually needed to accomplish this especially in Los Angeles. By working on opposite sides of the concrete slab they ensure that nothing inhibits capturing of the image. If you apply concrete X-rays on a small surface then it can be expensive but for large scale work the cost goes down proportionately.