Raising A Toddler: Simple Yet Tasking

There is a passage in the Bible that says "Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child", therefore at the very early stage of a child's life, instilling discipline is a must.

Parenting is the most crucial responsibility for parents, especially when kids are yet toddlers. How they behave in any place, may it be in public or private, will have to originate on how they are disciplined by their parents. Kids in this stage need all the guidance they can get as this is the critical period of watching their inquisitiveness and high adrenaline for activities.

Parents must ensure that rules are in place, followed, and respected and that disobeying or breaking the rules entails punishment. Kids are smart in nature and they can easily understand if you let them and explain to them as to why there are consequences.

Here, they develop a sense of natural responsibility and respect even to themselves. Letting them know who is the boss makes them more careful and attentive. Do not be swayed by their tantrums because at most, that is their way of getting away with what they want.

Teach independence and patience. If you know the kid is able to do something, you ask and let them do it. Do not offer help for them to develop responsibility. Do not forget to praise them as well on their efforts as this as well builds confidence. When they want something, make a fun way of letting them have it with effort, if need be, that they wait to let them. When you give everything they tend to be dependent and impatient.

If the kid is seen to possess some kind of talent or excels in something like drawing or singing, encourage and support them. If the kid feels discouraged, open up their mind by sighting simple examples that they can remember because their memory is awesome they always remember. Know more keyword here!

Kids are affectionate and they bring this as they grow. By showing affection often and by inculcating in their young minds the value of togetherness, family time, prayer time, and learning this will be manifested in their character that will also dictate what they can become when they grow up.

However, discipline and instilling values does not happen overtime but a continuous process thus it never ends. As parents are teaching their toddlers they themselves are also learning in the process. Be sure to check out this website at http://edition.cnn.com/2010/LIVING/personal/05/24/o.better.parenting.technology/index.html and learn more about parenting.