Carnegie Mellon University

Full Projects

These semester-long (four months) team projects under the Entertainment Technology Center, each for a different client, focus on team-client relationships and a professional completed end-product.

Carnegie Mellon University

Building Virtual Worlds

Built in 1-3 week time periods, these prototypes test the limits of creativity and teamwork of developing with new hardware and APIs, emphasizing on gameplay and ease-to-play.

National University of Singapore

Games Development Group

A group of passionate like-minded students gather to do what they like - making games.

National University of Singapore

Academic Projects

These were executed under academic purposes, but ideas and implementation are self-initiated.

Global Game Jam

48-hour Game-Making Frenzy

This annual global event encourages anyone to come up with a playable idea - brainstorm-design-develop-iterate - in a mind-shattering 48 hours!


Not exactly school, not exactly work

These are some of the things that were done during the stints.