I purchased a 1996 Classic Chevy truck that had the initial stereo with separate COMPACT DISC player that needed switching. I rely heavily on reviews before I make any purchases but Decision to "roll the dice" on the Boss 650UA. At 50+ years old I didn't see the need to invest huge money on a stereo for a standard cab vehicle. One concern that I actually had was compromising quality for price. WRONG! What started as a music and new speakers has blown into a system that's nothing short of AWESOME!
I know there are those who have unlimited funds that spend thousands on the great music, I'm not merely one of those people.
I bought the Boss 650UA Head Product, Boss CH6530 Chaos Exxtreme 6. 5 " door speakers, the Boss CH4630 4x6" speakers for the trunk posts and a Sound Storm EV 500 4 channel amp. This sounded pretty good but lacked bass. I could have stopped there but I continued to increase the system over the next two weeks.
Next was the Sound Storm SSL S4EQ Equalizer. (Sound Tornado is Boss). Then I actually bought 2 Boss Sound CXX10 Chaos Exxtreme 800 Watt 10" Subs and a Boss Audio R1100M Riot 1100 Watt amplifying device to drive them. We went to roll so why stop there? ha Next was the Manager Audio NX694 6x9 4 way 800 Watt full-range speakers with a Supervisor Audio PT 1000 Phantom Amp to drive them. All packed into a Standard Cab truck. hahaha
Also purchased a 2 Farad Capacitor and a Power Distribution Block just to be safe. About the point of complete my system with 2 Tweeters and then Now i'm finished.
So with everything said and done I possess less than $ four hundred. 00 into this complete system and let me personally say it ROCKS! Zero engine noise, no bias, just superior and clean music cheaply. The 2 Subs under the chairs sound fantastic!
I can have bought the Clarion, the Alpine etc., and the high cost would doubled or tripled but for me this is an awesome system that's worth it. In the event I had it to do all over again I wouldn't change a thing!
My recommendations would be TAKE YOUR PERIOD! It's any easy "Do It Yourself" install if you follow the wiring diagrams that are provided. Also use the thicker gauge wiring that you can -Amps, Speakers, Battery pack, Ground, etc.. Don't buy a great system and then skimp on the wire!
As far as the negative comments go, I would ignore them. Boss makes quality sound at affordable prices.
We would have to recommend Boss Audio to everyone!!!

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