Shaquandra's Stars

The following is part of a podcast interview with Tycho Brahe and Sister Shaquandra.


"First off, I am a huge fan of yours Sister Shaquandra. So much so that I came back from the dead to partake in this interview."- T

"Oh thank you! You are an amazing astronomer Tycho, your data on stars helped pushed our knowledge of the universe to another level!"-SS

"That means so much coming from such an respected and amazing person like you."-T

"Okay, first question: Why do you love stars?"-T

"Well, I love all of God's creation, but I really adore stars because they are so far away yet their beauty still shines as if they were just in our earthly sky."-SS

"So, what are some of your favorite constellations?"-T

"I love the North Star of course, I also love the medium dipper, it is smaller than the big dipper but bigger than the small dipper, but nobody really knows or cares about it."-SS

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