Shaquandra's Time In India

The following is part of a podcast interview with Suraj Sharma and Sister Shaquandra.


"First off, I am a huge fan of yours Sister Shaquandra."- S

"Oh thank you! You are an amazing actor Suraj, I really loved Life of Pi."-SS

"That means so much coming from such an respected and amazing person like you."-N

"Okay, first question: What is your connection to India?"-N

"Well, I spent almost a year in India, trying to take down an international crime ring."-SS

"So, if your not Indian by blood or by geography, then why do you love India so much?"-N

"Well, I spent almost a year there and during my stay, I met alot of wonderful people, experienced a multitude of life changing experiences, and ate a literal ton of curry.

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