Shaquandra's Jewish Heritage

The following is part of a podcast interview with Natalie Portman and Sister Shaquandra.


"First off, I am a huge fan of yours Sister Shaquandra."-N

"Oh thank you! You are an amazing actress Natalie."-SS

"That means so much coming from such an icon like you."-N

"Okay, first question: Are you Jewish?"-N

"No, I am Roman Catholic/Baptist and I have no Jewish blood."-SS

"So, if your not Jewish, how do you have Jewish Heritage?"-N

"Well, I grew up as an orphan and moved from foster home to foster home as a child until the Seinfelds adopted me. You can find out more about that in my new book."-SS

"You will definitely have to tell us more about your book later, but what are some stories from your time living with the Seinfelds, who I assume identify as Jewish?"-N

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