Terms and Conditions

- I reserve the right to change the terms and conditions without further notice
- You must acknowledge the terms and conditions before purchasing
- In case you state that you have not yet seen the terms and conditions , the terms and conditions will still be applied no matter what.


  1. My work should only be used for its original intended purpose ( Profile picture should only be used for profile picture )
  2. You may not distribute , claim as your own , modify , re-sell any artwork , or upload to any distribution media without my permission.
  3. All the images on this website belong exclusively to itself and me only .
  4. You may not use any images from this website on any other distribution media or platforms without my permission.
  5. All artwork is fully created , developed and distributed by myself.
  6. I reserve the right to showcase any of my own artwork on my portfolio.
  7. I do not offer any refunds considering I only receive payment after completion of an order.


  1. Paypal chargeback is strictly forbidden.
  2. If you proceed to a Paypal dispute , your order will be immediatly and automatically cancelled.
  3. I reserve the right to deny any request .
  4. Any cancellation of orders after the stage of sketching would not be encouraged . If you do this , it will decrease your chance of working with me in the future , considering I do not request you to pay a 50% deposit for now .
  5. Final product without watermark will only be sent to you IF the price agreed was FULLY paid.
  6. You can request for any additional changes in the middle of the process but please be noted there may be additional charges for it .


  1. I reserve the right to change the pricing without any further notice.
  2. Price varies from the complexity of an artwork. For example , the price will jump from $8 to $10 if you request for any details in a Minecraft Profile Avatar.