Micah lester


Surf travel and adventure is what Micah does best.

Since the age of 16, Micah has been traveling on surf adventures.

"I couldn't afford to travel as a kid. So when I had saved up just enough money for a plane ticket, I left. Sleeping in airports, cars and on the beach. I just left home to see if I could pull it off, let fate decide my future."

"Since then I haven't stopped traveling, I find myself loving the travel and adventure even more. To the extent I now feel more normal chasing waves on the road then I do being at home. I haven't even had my own place to call home in over 8 years."

Although also having a successful competitive career, he found himself enjoying the adventure side of surfing more.

Following his passion is what he now does, going on surf adventures and documenting it with photography and video. Ironically Micah grew up in the tropical gold coast in Australia but moved to the Uk and finds him self choosing adventures in colder climates.

"I love the adventures you have in those climates. Most of the time there's nobody there, the landscapes are dramatic, the weather tests your commitment. You really earn the waves you get. There is something special about cold waters. It's raw"

He doesn't freeze himself full time though. In the winters you'll find this man chasing swells back and forth from the Uk, Europe and Hawaii. During the flatter summer months he ventures through places like the Maldives & Indonesia.



Micah Lester




On the road


Cornwall, Uk





Started Surfing

11yrs old



Favorite Spot

Burleigh Heads

Favorite trick

Getting Barreled

Favorite event

Thurso CWC


Andy Irons

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