Hey! I'm George and I'm an aspiring cinematographer studying at Oxford Brookes University in the UK. I discovered my passion for film when I was seven years old and my Dad gave me a free point-and-shoot camera he got with a catalogue. It had a numerical display on the back much like a calculator, and could only show you how much battery you had left and how many more exposures could fit on the 128mb internal memory. I loved this camera nonetheless, and would build a set on my window sill for my action figures (the natural light provided by the window was perfect for lighting my set). I would create stop-motion animations with my action figures and import the photos into a slideshow with a timer on each slide so they would automatically advance. Fast forward 15 years and I'm a graduate of BSc Digital Media Production from Oxford Brookes University, excited to embark on my next chapter as a filmmaker. Check out the homepage to see my latest work. Thanks for dropping by.