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As much as people need physical, emotional and social nourishment, they also need spiritual satisfaction, this satisfaction is given by people making time to go to church where they can reconnect with their spiritual selves after days of work. This is becoming harder and harder in the world we are and the churches should take the extra step to try and make it easier because our lives cannot be complete without us making an effort to be in step with spiritual expectations placed upon us. In this light, there are some churches that have invested in the teaching children while they are young so that they can grow doing what is expected of them to do.

What matters in a church mostly is its leadership, if there are good leaders that direct the people well to get to know God then they will do just that but if the leader is not leading well then the sheep will go astray as is commonly said. Preaching is also a very essential part in making a good church, if whatever is being taught has value and lessons that will help the people develop and improve their lives then that is what needs to be invested in. A good church should also find ways to have the people active and involved so that they can grow as a family as it's put in the bible.

A sound church also has a good worship system where the people can sing to get their spiritual juices up. The youth could play a major role here, they should be provided with a platform to express themselves through worship which could help them a lot because it could redirect their priorities which are misaligned by the cultural practices witnessed today that get our youth into a lot of trouble. A guiding hand is all that they need and which best hand than the Kings Grant church.

A good church should also invest in teaching and mentoring programs for every age group. There are a lot of challenges such as broken marriages, drug use, homosexuality, adultery among others that are breaking our societies and it is upon the church to bring people to salvation. Since broken families are the top of the chain that lead to all the mentioned problems, the summerville baptist church should invest in programs for couples to provide the right wisdom so that a lot of hurt and damage can be avoided.

The church is a very important place, that is should not be forgotten or taken for granted.