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Press registration is now open for FW-20 & SS-21 NYFS/LAFS. To qualify as “PRESS” you must meet the below set of requirements:

Must-Have Professional Equipment to be on the risers.

**& NO Cell Phones or Ipads***

+ Publications – Must be a major broadcast network or publication.

+ Journalists/Writers – Must have been published in traditional and or online media outlets in the last 6 months, provide the name of the media outlet and an official letter of assignment.

+ Bloggers – Must have a readership of at least 5k unique visitors per month and a minimum of 2k followers across social media platforms. *Blog content must be original, active, and relevant.

How to request a Press Pass:
You must complete and submit our online “Press Registration” form here and submit your official letter of assignment (if applicable) to with ‘Request for Press Pass’ in the subject line to be considered.

If you have questions about whether or not you qualify, please contact: or complete the contact form below.

By registering for Media/Press /Bloggers Credentials you agree to the following. All material generated by writers, photographers, videos, journalists, editors, or affiliates is the sole possession and intellectual property of those individuals, affiliates, and the respective copyright holders. (We asked that when you post any photos, video or articles that you include a link or hashtag to our social media sites. Anytime LAFS/NYFS Production uses any contributors materials for Editorial of Newsworthy purpose, or as a reference, a page credit will be given to that press member, contributor, or their affiliates whenever possible. There are no restrictions or limitations regarding usage of any material for publication with respect to an individual's or organization's editorial or Newsworthy stories,i.e: photos, videos, live streaming, internet, and social media postings unless further notified by the LAFS media team due to any exclusive that I have a reason to be observed. We asked that everything you do is with respect to our privacy codes and terms. Anything released to the public must be in a positive light.
We recommend that you Meta Tag and Hashtag everything that you generate to five a Global Impression for the best possible experience, access, information and resources available to them.