I had two very educational informational interviews this week, and I am certainly one step closer to finding a potential mentor. Both interviews, Ms. Erin Finegold (Dallas Mavericks) and Ms. Amy Power (The Power Group), offered me beneficial knowledge about the industry and helped me further guide my research. I felt that I clicked well with both professionals, and I think they could both teach me a great amount and offer me valuable opportunities through a mentorship.

From Ms. Finegold, I was able to learn about the value of well-developed communication and writing skills in the public relations field, as she shared with me some of her many years of experience writing press releases, articles, and content for many reputable brands. This information got me excited about entering into my PR mentorship, as I already have seasoned writing and journalism skills from ISM last year! I am looking forward to putting them to use and seeing firsthand how they help me in the PR industry. From Ms. Power, I had the privilege of learning about the difference between agency and in-house PR, the importance of technology in PR, and examples of projects that PR professionals usually take on, among many other intriguing topics. I am already learning so much through my interviews, and I cannot wait to keep learning more!