The annual ISM Business Symposium was this week, and it was a fantastic and educational experience, as always! I began by interviewing with two women, one a pediatric chiropractor and one an administrative representative for the Gifted and Talented Program in Frisco ISD. Both interviews went extremely well- I felt much less anxious and the interviews were much more conversational than last year (which just goes to show how much more experience I have gained over the past year in ISM). My interviews taught me that if you just find something in common with your interviewer, or find something to connect or relate to them through, the conversation flows much easier and things feel much more natural. I can definitely take this knowledge into my ISM future as I complete more informational interviews.

Additionally, I learned some great information about college admissions that will be greatly beneficial to me in the next few months as I continue to apply. My college education is the most important step in paving the path to my future career, so this information was definitely applicable to my ISM journey. I also had the privilege of listening to how ISM has helped alumni of the program in their own careers post-high school, networking with fellow ISM students, and listening to a wise guest speaker; overall, the business symposium was a great learning experience and great practice interacting with professionals.