This week marked the beginning of my public relations informational interview process. I am off to a great start, with one interview with the Dallas Cowboys Community Relations and Alumni Affairs Coordinator, Leah Davies, under my belt. Ms. Davies was a great way to start off my interviews, as she was able to offer valuable information about the industry, what PR professionals do, some fundamental differences between PR and marketing, the role of technology in PR, and how writing skills are of aid in a PR position. She was generous enough to answer many of my initial general questions about PR, allowing me to begin to delve a bit deeper in my research and future interviews; with my now-solid grasp of the surface level operations of the industry, I can now effectively ask educated questions and inquire about more complex topics.

Going into this year with a topic that I have virtually no previous knowledge of is daunting to say the least, but it is also refreshing to be able to learn so much new information so quickly. As I move forward in the research period of ISM, I hope to continue to build a solid foundation so that I can build my knowledge atop it.