This week in ISM has been full of scheduling interviews, following up, and reaching out to new professionals. The prevailing lesson of this week has most definitely been persistence!

From the almost 20 informational interview requests I have sent, I have gotten 2 responses. Whether this is a technical issue with my messages going to the spam folders of professionals, or the professionals I have reached out to simply have not gotten the chance to respond to my messages just yet, my correspondence log has remained relatively dry. I have followed up with nearly everyone, trying different emails and doing my best to get into some sort of contact with as many professionals as possible. I can already tell that this will be a great lesson for me as I advance further into the professional world, as not everything is going to be handed to me on a silver platter. I will have to work hard for things that I truly want, and being persistent in pursuit of my goals is a beneficial trait to start developing now. This just makes the interviews that I do secure all the more valuable! I will ensure that I make the most of my time with each professional and learn as much as possible.

While there was no research assessment due this week, I have also continued to search for research articles and stay updated on current events related to public relations.