This week in ISM marks the peak of my public relations study- I have finally finished my final product! Yesterday I officially turned in all materials for my PR plan, and it feels great to have all of my hard work finished for the year! Over the weekend, I finished putting final touches on all parts of my product, adding as much detail as possible and making sure that each separate element worked together with the others to communicate a clear and positive message. I revised and proofread all of my materials to ensure that they were grammatically correct, read over everything to make sure it flowed nicely, and checked my information with real Cowboys materials to ensure that my facts lined up.

This product was very educational for me, because it taught me that PR involves much more marketing and strategy than I had originally thought. Coming from the journalism world, I was expecting much a wordier, "storytelling" style of writing, when in reality PR writing largely centers around providing concise information to media and consumers. By completing my product, I have gained valuable experience with PR documents that I will inevitably encounter in my future communications career. Now to make preparations for FPN!