This week in ISM, I made a good amount of progress on my Final Product. I added a lot more detail to my run-of-show, created a t-shirt design, formulated social media posts, and formatted my media advisory. Now that Leah's work with the NFL Draft has ended, she has much more open time to work with me on my Product, so I am confident that my work will be polished and thorough by Final Presentation Night.

On Wednesday, I also had the privilege of going to AT&T Stadium to watch in person as the Character Playbook Live Gameshow took place. This is the event that I have been observing Leah's work on for the past couple of months, and it was amazing to see how all of the pieces came into place, watching a real PR event unfold. The gameshow included students from Dallas, Fort Worth, Frisco, and Arlington ISD's, as well as Draft prospects. This made sense from a PR standpoint because the Cowboys are trying to involve the community in the Draft experience and show the world the stand-up character required of young men aspiring to be Dallas Cowboys players. Branding was present everywhere as well; it was cool to experience how I see things from a PR standpoint now as opposed to the beginning of the year as it showed me how much I have learned.