My research this week has focused on communications models that often come into play and guide the practice of public relations, a subject that I developed an interest in through writing my second research assessment last week.

I was able to locate an article for my third research assessment that contained many connections back to my earlier research, reassuring me that I am studying credible and relevant articles. Many of the same ideas were supported between the two pieces, including the importance of management functions and relational perspective in public relations. As I move into next week, I plan to continue studying common communication models as well as how they are put into practice; I want to build onto my existing knowledge while also learning about specific duties that PR professionals carry out (for example posting on social media, organizing community outreach events, etc.)

This week, I also sent some of the first of my emails reaching out to professionals for informational interviews. Because of the recent opening of The Star in Frisco, the headquarters for the Dallas Cowboys, many incredible interview opportunities have opened for me; I plan on taking full advantage of these as well as opportunities with many more well known organizations in the DFW area. I am personally a fan of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and have worked with them in the past performing in their Halloween Halftime show, so I am making it a short-term goal of mine to at least secure an interview with a professional doing PR for the DCC's. I am looking forward to conducting in-depth informational interviews this year and learning more about my field of study!