This week in ISM, I met with my mentor where she caught me up to date on the many NFL Draft community events coming up this week. Most importantly, we discussed the details of my attending the event she has been heading up- a quiz style game show involving Draft prospects and students from Fort Worth, Frisco, Dallas, and Arlington schools. I have been observing conference calls planning logistics of the event as well as checking in periodically with Leah, and I am so excited to finally see all of the pieces come into place. Seeing the entire process of what it takes to plan and execute a PR event has been very educational, and I am eager to apply my new knowledge to my Final Product.

Leah also showed me the final Run of Show for her event, and it was extremely thorough, detailed, and extensive. This made me rethink my own run of show for my product- seeing her work made me realize that I need to step my game up! She broke everything down by the minute, even including an overview of the event at the beginning. She described a run of show like the Bible of any PR event, so that definitely influenced me to put more work into the production of mine!