This week in ISM, I learned a lot about branding and the role it plays in public relations. While the ultimate goal of a public relations professional is to maintain positive relationships with their organization's public, I am learning through observation how they sculpt the image of their organization in the process. It is the job of the PR department to create the positive attitude consumers feel when they think of the organization, and in the case of my mentor, plan and execute community relations events that do just that. While making progress on my final product this week, I realized how many little details have to be thought out when planning a community outreach event associated with a brand/major company. For example, I have chosen to plan a hypothetical PLAY 60 event for elementary age FISD children, and I had the idea to send the kids home with a healthy snack. Since the Cowboys' partner in PLAY 60 is Dairy Max, I must include some kind of dairy in the snack to effectively involve and market both organizations. Another example would be providing branded t-shirts to participants to effectively associate the heartwarming aspects of childrens' community outreach with the organization's name. I am learning a lot about the professional PR world through my mentorship and final product, and I hope to continue to do so.