This week in ISM, I met with my mentor to make additions and corrections to my Final Product plan. This was very helpful, as it provided much needed clarity as far as what my next steps should be in the production of my product. Some significant changes include doing a media advisory rather than a press release (as Leah told me that nowadays press releases are considered a bit cumbersome and verbose for such a fast-paced industry), ditching the venue design altogether (as PLAY 60 events are traditionally held in the gymnasium of a local school), and adding branded t-shirt designs (to increase brand visibility). These changes will not only take unnecessary pressure off of me, but also make the project more like something you would see in a professional public relations setting. I am being pushed to consider things I have never given thought to before, such as media potential and brand visibility, and I am also developing a more well-rounded skill set, including marketing and event coordination. Overall, I am optimistic about the outcome of my product. I am confident that, with the help of my mentor, I will be able to produce a successful and realistic PR plan that could easily be developed into a real-life effort.