This week in ISM, I settled on an idea for my hypothetical community event and broke ground on the actual material for the project. I settled on an event teaching kids the importance of proper nutrition and regular physical activity in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The event will include an hour of play time with cowboys players, and an hour of learning how to make their own healthy snacks and school lunches. Because of my passion for health and fitness, I thought an event benefitting the American Heart Association and battling childhood obesity would be perfect. Plus, it is convenient because the Cowboys already have a program called PLAY 60 with the same goal as my hypothetical event. I haven't figured out a name for it yet, but I'm thinking something along the lines of Play & Plate.

I have written a press release for my community event, typed out a tentative schedule of events, and started on a powerpoint presentation pitching the idea to corporate officials. This is the aspect of the project that I believe will be the most challenging and require the most effort on my part. It must include plans for budgeting, funding, venue, marketing, media potential, and a timeline of planning the event; I have not learned how PR plays into all of these things yet, so I will be working with my mentor to learn the ropes.