Over spring break, I finally broke ground on my final product. I have a to-do list of all the different elements/PR tools that I will be producing for my product, including a press release, a presentation pitching my idea, a possible social media ad campaign, and a schedule of events. I have narrowed down my hypothetical charitable events, and now I just need to choose one to stick with. I want it to really be something that I am personally passionate about and would enjoy planning. Currently, my top options are a fun obstacle course/workout and cooking class for kids (teaching them about the importance of physical activity and proper nutrition), or an event with the SPCA/Operation Kindness allowing kids to play with puppies, make dog toys, and learn about the importance of adopting rather than buying. Whichever I choose, I am excited to apply what I have learned about public relations with my mentor to my own personal project!

While I want my final product to be as big and as challenging as possible, I don't want to bite off more than I can chew. I originally wanted to produce a venue design as well, as that is something that I have heard Leah deal with as a PR professional. However, it will take some problem solving logistically. As I am not an artist, nor am I a computer software wizard, I will need to take some time working out how I want to approach this.