This week in ISM marks the first time I have begun really gearing up for Final Presentation night. It seemed so far away, but it is actually approaching rapidly! I have started designing my invitation, tried to start working on my product more, and scheduled more mentor visits to hopefully make some progress before I leave for spring break this weekend.

I also had an exciting experience this past Thursday; I was able to be on my very first conference call! I was listening in on this particular call to hear more about what goes into planning a Draft event, and I certainly accomplished that goal. This call, led by my mentor Leah, focused on keeping the whole team updated on developments in the planning of Draft community events. Location changes, a schedule of events, who will be in attendance, what the venue/set will look like; all of these details and more were all discussed. The call also showed me that it takes a village to plan an event of this scale; not only were PR professionals on the call, but also other departments such as design, event coordination, and representatives of partners on the project. This, again, reinforced that public relations forms connections within an organization and really acts as the glue that brings all of the pieces together on a project.