This week in Independent Study and Mentorship, I did some more thinking about my final product. I thought mainly about what form it will take; a presentation, a paper, an article, etc. Writing is certainly in my comfort zone, so I feel as though I would be successful in writing my PR plan in the form of a paper. However, it will still challenge me, as this is not the type of writing that I have become accustomed to studying journalism. Work on my product will have to start a bit later than my peers because of the nature of my mentorship this year, but I am doing everything that I can to plan ahead.

I also had the privilege of going to Hunt Middle School this week to promote ISM to Gifted and Talented 8th grade students! Seeing their awe-struck faces as they looked up at us was truly a testament to how transformative this program is; never did I think that I would go from being an awkward 8th grader with no idea where she was heading in life, to a senior in high school wearing a full suit and speaking about having a PR mentorship at the Dallas Cowboys! It is always an honor getting to promote the program that has shaped my future career and college plans. Answering questions about the program, and about high school in general, encouraged me by reassuring me that the next few classes to enter FHS ISM will be fit successors.