This week in ISM, I took time to consider and refine my Final Product idea. My mentor is providing me with some incredible opportunities to experience sports public relations in action, and I want to take every possible lesson I can from those experiences and apply them to my own work. Therefore, instead of just collecting documentation that I observed these events, I decided to create a more original product, one with more of "me" in it. I now plan to create a PR plan for a hypothetical community outreach project. Not necessarily for the Cowboys, as I legally cannot produce content for use within the organization, but it could be for the City of Frisco, for a charity that the Cowboys work with, for FISD, etc. This plan will outline every detail of planning such an event, such as brainstorming with a team, outlining a schedule of events, getting media there, coordinating a venue, etc. I do not currently have all of the knowledge necessary to complete my product; the idea is that I acquire this knowledge from my mentor as I go. As I continue to shadow Leah through her work with Draft community relations, I will take detailed notes and ensure that I understand each step involved in how to take a PR project from idea to completion.