The past week has marked the beginning of my public relations research, and my interest in the field is only growing.

Through writing my first research assessment, I was able to get a good baseline for my research; I have begun to educate myself about the duties of public relations specialists, the role they play within organizations, and the elements that make up a successful public relations department. Because PR is an entirely new topic for me, my initial research will mainly focus on the skill set required in PR and the base knowledge I will need to accumulate before entering into a serious mentorship under a seasoned professional.

I also created my contact list for informational interviews and potential mentors this week, and I believe that I have accumulated contacts that will prove very helpful and beneficial in my research process. I plan on scheduling interviews with large organizations in the DFW area, such as the Dallas Cowboys, the Dallas Mavericks, the Texas Legends, and Frito Lay/Pepsico, so that I may better understand what creating a public image for such a large brand entails. As I move forward, I look forward to connecting with professionals in the field and getting a better feel for the industry.