This week in ISM, my focus shifted entirely to Final Product. Now that my original work is completely finished and presented, it is time to dedicate the rest of the semester to bringing my final product to fruition. I am thrilled about my final product idea this year, as it greatly involves my mentor and provides incredible learning opportunities for me. My final product is, in a sense, an extension of my original work. In my original work, I wrote a press kit providing background information and statistics on Cowboys community programming, as well as foreshadowing new upcoming events in association with the 2018 NFL Draft. Now, for my final product, I will be involved in the physical planning, development, and execution of these events. Logistically, I am not sure how the process will work itself out, as the Cowboys have not begun work on this yet. However, once they do, I am anticipating frequent observation, hands-on development of promotion material, and lots of collaboration with my mentor. No matter what tangible product I end up producing, my only hope is that it challenges me, shows application of my newly acquired PR knowledge, and reflects my progress throughout this year.