This week in ISM, I shared my public relations work with my friends, family, and peers at my second Research Showcase. Showcase was an incredible success, as I got to share my newly acquired PR knowledge with both friends and strangers, and I even distributed copies of my original work. Introducing my mentor to those who stopped at my board was also exciting for me, because it really hit me that I am lucky enough to be engaged in a mentorship with the Dallas Cowboys, an internationally recognized and world renowned organization. Countless individuals, most of whom I did not know, were very impressed that I am able to complete the second half of my study with the Cowboys, which just made me appreciate my situation even more.

One particularly notable moment of Showcase was being chosen by my ISM teacher, Coach Goff, to represent Frisco High School by doing an interview about ISM in a video by the City of Frisco. I had the privilege of being interviewed by City of Frisco staff about my mentorship, opportunities that have arisen through the ISM program, advice for future ISM applicants, my original work, and more. I feel incredibly blessed and honored to be able to represent such a fantastic program that has allowed me to grow more than I ever thought possible.