This week in ISM, I explored more potential possibilities for the subject of my press release. I focused mainly on researching recent happenings within the Dallas Cowboys organization, as that is where my mentorship is. If at all possible, I would like my original work to be useful to my mentor and the community, so if I could write about a recent significant event with the Cowboys, that would be ideal. I have my first mentor visit this Friday, so I plan to discuss my ideas with Leah and apply her input to my original work. I will have to write the entirety of the press release over break which, I have found, is the easy part; the research, brainstorming, and planning of ideas is the most difficult part of the process. As soon as I meet with my mentor, I hope to have an organized plan ready to go so I can then do what I do best, which is write.

I have also furthered my research on how to properly format and compose an effective press release this week. This time, I have focused on reading real examples so that I can get a better grasp on what I should be striving toward. Now that I have familiarized myself with press releases, I feel comfortable starting to compose my own.