This week in ISM is a special one, as I now have a mentor! My mentor is Ms. Leah Davies, Community Relations and Alumni Affairs Coordinator at the Dallas Cowboys. My interview with Ms. Davies felt natural, and I could tell that she was eager to share her PR knowledge with me. Our personalities are quite similar- both driven, hardworking, and creative- and I feel that I could learn a lot from her. I am so excited about moving forward with our mentorship and the opportunities that will accompany it!

Now that I have a mentor, I plan on including her in the planning and execution of my original work project. I am eager to hear Leah's ideas for a useful original work project, as I am starting to rethink my previous press release idea. While I still think getting experience writing a press release will be beneficial, I do not feel that it would challenge me at the level that an original work project should. I could still write the press release, but I hope to also do more in addition, perhaps creating a PR plan for an upcoming Cowboys event. These are all just ideas, of course, but I look forward to refining them with the help of my mentor.