This week in ISM, I have been able to assess my progress for the year thus far; in writing and presenting my research speech, I have truly seen how far I've come and how much I've learned about public relations from my interviews and research assessments alone. Synthesizing the knowledge gained from all five of my interviews has allowed me to make new connections, comparing and contrasting information about the PR industry and allowing me to create a more complete and in-depth picture of what PR is.

I've also given a fair bit of thought towards my original work and research showcase this past week. I designed my display board and invitations, so now all that's left to do is produce my actual original work project. Easier said than done. Though, in all seriousness, work must begin on my original work soon if I am to produce a product that challenges me, allows me to apply myself, and that I am proud of. I plan on beginning the first stages of my original work production this week, researching press releases and familiarizing myself with their content.

As far as a mentor goes, I have done more consideration and believe I will be requesting another professional for the honor of their mentorship sometime this week.