This week in ISM, I have started brainstorming ideas for my original work. I know that I want to create a work that showcases all of my public relations research thus far; however, there is so much room for creativity that I am having trouble deciding on one idea. The topics I have learned the most about in my research include how writing and public relations work together, how social media and technology play into public relations, and how public relations implements communication strategy in reaching target audiences. Therefore, I want my original work to primarily focus on either one or many of these subjects.

One option that I am particularly fond of is writing a mock press release. Press releases are a significant and frequent type of writing done by public relations professionals, so I believe that learning how to write and properly format one would be of help to me in my future studies. I could create a hypothetical event being put on by a company and promote it in my press release, create a problem within a company and address it in my press release, or give a quote relaying a message from a company to its target audience in my press release; there are quite a few possibilities.

My other ideas include creating a social media campaign, writing copy for a company's website, or creating and solving a crisis within a company. I feel that all of my options have the potential to showcase my learning, and I look forward to pursuing one of them for the next couple of months.