After much debate, I have chosen to study public relations in ISM 2. Last year, I studied print journalism in an online and magazine setting. While my true passion is for writing, I feel that I could synthesize my writing skills with other valuable communication skills to learn more about the industry. I believe that trying my hand at public relations will open new doors for me to challenge myself and learn something new by exposing me to a new realm of knowledge, while still having an element of familiarity. With my journalism experience from my D Magazine mentorship last year, I believe that I will easily be able to apply my current skills to a mentorship as well as acquire new ones for the future. I may even decide to further refine my studies by focusing on how public relations relates to journalism in order to tailor my independent study towards my college plans; the opportunities are endless in this class, and that is what I love about it.

Over the past week, I have begun building my contact list for informational interviews and searching for secondary sources to use for research. Luckily, many large corporations and brands make their headquarters in Frisco and the surrounding DFW area, so I believe that my informational interviews will prove very valuable. It is a bit daunting, starting the entire ISM experience from scratch all over again, but I am excited to see where the year takes me.